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Financial markets, key drivers of the African emergence

In a post Covid 19 context, the African countries will have to mobilize much-needed capital, in particular through alternative and innovative mechanisms, which we collectively need to diversify and deepen.

The benefits of efficient and vibrant capital markets in any economy are notorious among industry experts. In addition to helping companies raise money to expand and providing investment opportunities to institutional investors and individuals, capital markets are key to supplementing the role of banks.

Likewise, developed financial markets can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable economic development and good corporate governance principles, among listed companies and investors. This pivotal role of capital markets is not sufficiently recognized, however, to entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers in Africa. Developing capital markets in Africa is not an easy task and requires the active participation of multiple institutions to ensure the efficiency and safety.

In line with ASEA’s strategic objectives, the conference aims to highlight how African capital markets and stock exchanges can contribute to Africa's post-covid 19 economic emergence.


  • Accelerating post-covid economic recovery
  • Financing governments and the continent’s infrastructure
  • Helping state-owned enterprises finance their development and diversify their financing sources
  • Mobilizing the much-needed capital to help develop SMEs seeking business expansion
  • Supporting structural transformations and African economic integration
  • Encouraging innovation and financial inclusion

About ASEA:

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) is the Premier Association of Securities Exchanges in Africa that have come together with the aim of developing Member Exchanges and providing a platform for networking.

The Association was established in 1993, and works closely with Member Exchanges to unlock the potential of the African Capital Markets and the African economies in the following ways:

  • Enhancing the visibility of ASEA members at the international level with a view to attract capital inflows to African Capital Markets;
  • Providing an authoritative information portal on African public markets and provide aggregated statistics and information on African Exchanges;
  • Being a powerful lobbying and advocacy voice for Member Exchanges;
  • Promoting market development among Member Exchanges;
  • Promoting Capacity Building and Training for Member Exchanges; and
  • Initiating Strategic Alliances on behalf of Member Exchanges.


A vibrant African capital market with an average market capitalization to GDP ratio of 123% by 2023.


To engage African capital market ecosystems in order to foster capital mobilization, promote sustainability, and enhance financial inclusion for the benefit of Africa’s economic development.

For more information on ASEA, visit www.african-exchanges.org

About Bourse de Casablanca

Bourse de Casablanca that was established as far back as 1929 operates within a modern market infrastructure which includes a market authority, the AMMC, a central depository, Maroclear and a centralized payment system operated by the Central Bank. Bourse de Casablanca is a member of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA), the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative as well as the SIIA’s Financial Information Services Division (FISD). Bourse de Casablanca is also a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) since 2010.

Bourse de Casablanca has been demutualized in 2016. Its mission has been extended. In addition to the management and the promotion of the stock market, the Bourse de Casablanca’s mission is to build an efficient and modern market, infrastructure and to attract more issuers and investors in order to become a real economic lever for the development of Morocco and Africa.

During the same year, Bourse de Casablanca has also successfully implemented a multi-asset class, state of the art technology platform, provided by London Stock Exchange Technology. As part of its strategic partnership with LSEG, Bourse de Casablanca has also rolled out the ELITE program. This program helps companies and prepares them to meet the financial market requirements. There are currently +90 companies on the Elite program, together with nearly thirty partners and investors.

Bourse de Casablanca continues to grow. It currently has 76 listed companies, representing the main sectors of the economy and a market capitalisation of $73 billion at the end of August 2021.


Summary of the Agenda: 24/25 november 2021, Casablanca time/GMT+1


  • Welcome remarks by the President of Bourse de Casablanca

  • Welcome remarks by the President of ASEA

  • Official opening remarks by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Kingdom of Morocco

  • Keynote speech by the Chairperson and CEO of the Moroccan Capital Market Authority

  • Vote of thanks

    CEO of Bourse de Casablanca

  • Panel 1/ Setting the stage:

    Accelerating Capital Markets Development in Africa

  • Q&A

  • Presentation 1/ Africa facing the test of climate change:

    what are the stakes and financing challenges?


  • Presentation 2/ Listing State-Owned Enterprises in Emerging and Developing Economies - Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Success and Failure

  • Panel 2/ Financing governments, state-owned enterprises and the continent’s infrastructure

  • Q&A

  • Official launch : ASEA technology and statistics working group report on Disruptive Technologies

  • Panel 3/ Anticipating the future of disruptive technology:
    Key trends and implementation challenges in the capital market industry

  • Q&A

  • Security token versus crypto assets : which way should the market go ?


  • Panel 4 / How African economy became cool: The rise of an asset class

  • Q&A

  • Presentation 4/ African capital market integration:

    African Exchange linkage project- AELP case study

  • Presentation 5/ Blended Finance in African Capital Markets


  • Panel 5/ Financing Small and medium enterprises, why is it really our business?

  • Q&A

  • Official launch : ASEA sustainability working group report

  • Panel 6 /Who is afraid of impact investing?

  • Q&A

  • Closing remarks by the President of ASEA


Use the link bellow to register to 24th ASEA annual conference.


The Conference will line up a series of seasoned speakers to engage the delegates in robust discussions for two (2) days.
ASEA members, government officials, heads of industry, prominent capital market experts and entrepreneurs from across the world who have a keen interest in the African continent participate in ASEA annual conferences.
Check out all speaking possibilities by contacting: Speaker@Casablanca-bourse.com


Chairman of the Board
Bourse de Casablanca

Read More


President of ASEA - Chief Executive Officer, BRVM & DC/BR
Read More


Chairperson and CEO Morocco’s Capital Market Authority
read more


Chief Executive Officer,
Bourse de Casablanca

Read More

Thapelo Tsheole

Vice President of ASEA
Chief Executive Officer
Botswana Stock Exchange read more


Chief Executive Officer Nairobi Securities Exchange Plc
read more

Mohamed Farid Saleh

Executive Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) Chairman, Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) read more

Sunil Benimadhu

Chief Executive Officer, Stock Exchange of Mauritius
read more

Olumide Bolumole

Divisional Head, Listings Business The Nigerian Exchange Limited
read more

Mohammed Rachid

Director of Financial Sector and Institutional Affairs Casablanca Finance City Authority read more

Nandini Sukumar

Chief Executive Officer The World Federation of Exchanges
read more

Jean Pesme

Global Director, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation
read more


Director of the Department of Studies and Financial Forecasting Ministry of Economy and Finance read more

Mohamed SAAD

Deputy Chief Executive Officier Bourse de Casablanca
read more


Partner Oliver Wyman read more

Shameela Soobramoney

Chief Sustainability Officer, JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange read more

Nasser Seddiqi

Director of Corporate Finance and Markets Morocco’s Capital Market Authority read more


Internatioal financier
read more

Neil Gregory

Chief Thought Leadership Officer, Economics and Private Sector Development - IFC read more

Charles Robertson

Global Chief Economist, Head of Macro-strategy - Renaissance Capital read more

Simon Kitchen

Head of Strategy- EFG Hermes
read more

Alex Pivovarsky

Director, Capital Markets Development (CMD) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development read more

John Walker-Robertson

Global Head of Central Banks & Financial Communities and Corporate Treasury Solutions, London Stock Exchange Group read more


read more


Deputy Head Investment Bank Société Générale Maroc
read more

Afaq Khan

Managing Director DirectFn read more


Deputy Managing Director CDG Capital Gestion
read more

Taha Jaidi

General Manager at Attijari Global Research
read more

Richard Eckrich

Africa and Middle East Lead, InfraVentures at IFC - International Finance Corporation

Corli le Roux

Certified Director Independent Sustainability Specialist read more

Ouissem Barbouchi

Chairman & Founder at

read more

Opuiyo Oforiokuma

Senior Partner, Africa50 Infrastructure Acceleration Fund. read more

Shanthi Divakaran

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation
read more


Senior Regional Head of Middle East and North Africa (MENA), CFA Institute
read more


AVP, Head of Business Development & Sales, Middle East and Africa, Market Technology, Nasdaq read more

Lina Tonui

Project Manager African Exchanges Linkage Project (AELP)
read more

Lade Araba

Managing Director for Africa Convergence Finance
read more

Hubert de Vauplane

Partner Kramer Levin LLP
read more


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